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Joao Buangi

Ops Support Supervisor MALONGO, CABINDA - ANGOLA

“EXPRESS gives us the opportunity to learn and become part of a great team”

I started my career with EXPRESS in 2008 where I was a General Assistant on the Jasco 8 vessel based offshore in Malongo, Cabinda province.

I worked very hard by continuously showing that I wanted to learn as much as I can and in no time at all I was promoted to Assistant Cook and then Cook by showing the correct attitude.

I was then promoted to Chief Cook and started learning all aspects in culinary techniques and management.

Throughout the last 13-14 years with EXPRESS I have gained valuable experience, and this led to a promotion in 2014 to unit catering manager on the Takula platform leading the catering operations including hotel services management.

In 2016 I transferred to the operations department in the Malongo office to further my career and continue to learn all aspects in the operational side of the business.

On my time off I like to keep fit and healthy, and this is very easy as my young kids make sure Daddy is always kept busy.

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Jaqueline Vango


“I love EXPRESS because, every day has different challenges, and no two days are the same. My opinion matters and so does everybody else’s whatever level they are”

I joined EXPRESS as a function Assistant Chef in 2012 having previously worked in various hotels in Luanda where I gained great experience and knowledge during my earlier years in the trade… today I am a valuable member of the EXPRESS family.

My main culinary knowledge was traditional local Angolan dishes, but I have come a long way since then and adapted my skills to any style of cooking.

I love the team that I work with, and I enjoy encouraging my team to constantly strive to keep learning and doing their very best for the customer and client.

During these last 10 years I have demonstrated a passion for all the team to keep learning and I consistently manage the kitchen for the betterment of all concerned.

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Gerson Nsunda


“I really like my job and my company because my company is like a big school, and I am always learning”

My first job was at the Ministry of Education where I worked as a teacher for a few years, but my main passion is cooking and so here I am… doing the job I love.

In 1994 I started working for a catering company called NCCC and after 1 year I was awarded a training sponsorship in Portugal learning all aspects within the industry including culinary arts, stock management, health hygiene and food safety & handling.

I returned to Angola and started my journey with EXPRESS in 2006 where I was promoted to Chief Cook and then Food Production Manager in Malongo Camp where I worked for 4 years.

In 2010 I transferred to the offshore business as a Camp Boss and in 2011 I returned onshore as a supervisor to help with training for 18 months, a part of the job I really enjoy…. training people.

I am now back working offshore onboard the African Lifter accommodation barge as the unit catering manager, it’s very busy but I like keeping busy.

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Luis Graciano


“I love to work for EXPRESS because I’ve learned a lot about cooking working with different chefs from around the Continent”

I started working in Malongo Camp in 2007 as Assistant Cook and I have gained invaluable knowledge during these early years. In 2010 I was promoted to Food Production Supervisor and now I am one of the Kitchen Managers.

I enjoy working under pressure, using my gift for multi-tasking, two talents that I believe are necessary for a successful chef.

I consider myself to be an excellent leader and I am respected by both colleagues and clients.

I am innovative and enthusiastic about making customer satisfaction my top priority.

In 2015 I travelled to South Africa to participate in the CAMEAT culinary competition for the best chefs in the Compass business I am constantly learning new ideas, recipes and looking to better develop myself within the catering world.